Global Youth Entrepreneurship Festival, held during 3rd - 5th November 2020 by Youth Business International with support from Accenture had been successfully concluded. The 3 day-festivals had been packed with insights, inspirations, connections and sharing by YBI's global networks on how they adapted and continued the support program to Youth Entrepreneurs, who had been hardest hit by the crisis triggerred earlier this year. 


From the opening and welcoming by Anita Tiessen, CEO of Youth Business International, we are inspired by YBI's mission to connect the global business network to provide a wide range of support initiatives for youth entrepreneurs to overcome the obstacles in building successful busineses. Several exciting initaitves have been highlighted namely the Digital Acceleration program by Accenture, the Regional Innovation, Be Your Own Boss program, along with impactful business topics such as trends that would re-set the business, building network of investors and much more. 

Apart from experience sharing from YBI's members, the expert session highlighted practical tools that could be used for both business and personal development. One of the tools is called Personal Boardroom presented by Amanda Scott. This tool simplifies HR management, allowing quick identification of weaknesses in the network, creating trust in a small group and improve efficiency and success. Another example was Personal Canvas Tool, aiming to address self-discovery for better self understanding. Such understanding is crucial for success in planing, execution and strategy formulaton


Being a part of the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Festival allows us to join in the disucssion, learn from one another and congratulate the winners for the entrepreneur of the year and the mentor recognition award. Furthermore, the atmosphere and the interaction from participants around the world underscore the importance of building network, connection and long-term relationship in nurturing successful youth entrepreneurs. During the most difficult time such as the situation we are witnessing in 2020, all elements of connection, support and advices and encouragements play a part in lifting entrepreneurial spirits for youth entrepreneurs to adapt, survive and thrive even during the most difficult times.

Read the re-cap for each day & Re-watch tthe session at  Global Youth Entrepreneur Fesitval 

The Global Youth Entrepreneurship Festival 2020 brought together the network of Youth Business International around the worlds to share insights and inspiration on a wide range of initiatives to support young entrepreneurs around the world to build successful business. The festival also featured practical tools that young entrepreneurs could apply. 

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