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The crisis has caused the cancellation of the collaboration contract with the Thai manufacturers. At the same time, it triggered the shift in mindset for the team at Articifical Anything, bringing clarity to the company's vision and creating new paths to pursue. 

"Artificial Anything has been established since 2018. We develop an innovative sensing solution of liquid quality, using electromagnetic waves to help manufacturers to enhance the productivity of their production line.
Before COVID 19, we were working on a contract with a significant commercial value with one of Thailand’s beverage manufacturers. We were at the stage of developing an MVP at the production lines of the test sites.
When the pandemic struck, everything was brought to a close, including our test site. The collaboration could not proceed, so did our contract. 
During that time, our team came together to find ways to survive the crisis. We reflected on our technology and came up with possible applications beyond our core product. Through this process, we discovered that our core capability and new ideas of application could offer a unique solution to help businesses generate more revenues.
With this new approach to value creation, we have reached out to our connection in vertical farming businesses. They have experienced demand spikes, leading to issues with quality controls of the production line. We have offered our sensing solution and are now in the trial process with them.
Our recent experiences with the beverage companies and vertical farming have completely shifted our mindset.

Instead of sticking with one product, we could use our core technology and our knowledge to create new solutions, one after the other. In a more recent case, we are now working with the Tilapia farm on applying our solution to help them address their concerns on quality control.   

Looking back,  this crisis has brought clarity to our vision. To become the leader in liquid inspection solutions, we can apply our solution to various industries, not just one area of interest. As we set out on the new journey with partners from three different industries, namely beverage, agriculture and aquaculture, we look forward to witnessing how this journey will play out."

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