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To conclude the webinar series in “Common issues in early stage fund raising”, the Stock Exchange of Thailand by SET Enterprise and Expara (Thailand) brings the perspectives from both investor and entrepreneur in navigating the fund raising journey. 


Join us on 8th April 2021 from 18.00 - 20.00 hrs to hear the investor’s perspective from Douglas Abrams, Founder and CEO of Expara and the entrepreneur’s perspective from Mr. Aung Kyaw Moe, Founder & Group CEO 2C2P. Both gentlemen will take the audience through the dangerous terms, red flags to walk away and the good deals that entrepreneurs should aim for.

This training forms a part of Youth Business International's the Rapid Response & Recovery Program, supported by

Bad deals vs. Good deals - Make sure you know the red flags


In early stage fundraising, each entrepreneur will have his or her own story. So does the fundraising journey. While we could all learn about the tips and best practices, each fundraising follows the chart, determined by the entrepreneurs and the dynamics in the ecosystem during such time.


To support the entrepreneurs in planning  their fundraising strategy, the final webinar in common issues in early stage fund raising by the Stock Exchange of Thailand by SET Entreprise and Expara (Thailand) invite Douglas Abrams, Founder and CEO of Expara and Mr. Aung, Founder & Group CEO of 2C2P to share their experience on what entrepreneurs should look for and pitfalls to avoid in raising funds from external investors.

Course Content & Benefits for Participants

The course aims to address three key aspects of early stage fundraising from external investors as follows: 

  • The most common mistakes in VC-start-up deals


  • When to stay and when to cut and run


  • What does a good deal look like

Agenda & Registration

Date & Time


The event was held on 8 April 2021 from 18.00 - 19.45 hrs via Zoom Webinar.



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