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Meet our start-ups and watch their pitches!



Sector: Mental Health

Geography: Australia

Gheorg is the little robot (app) who helps kids 7-12 year olds with anxiety. Approximately one billion children in developed countries have anxiety and need help with resilience right now. However, there are not enough psychologists to assist.

Gheorg gives these children the help they need precisely when they need it, he can be recommended by teachers as soon as anxiety is noticed in school and a year's subscription costs less than a single visit to a psychologist.


Sector: Wearable

Geography: Israel

Facense develops innovative technology that utilizes head-mounted inward-facing sensors to measure continuously and unobtrusively ALL vital signs, other physiological signals, and emotional responses. Our smart glasses will provide early alerts for many medical conditions such as symptoms of COVID-19, stroke, asthma attacks, CHF, COPD, and much more. Our technology is backed by 34 granted US patents as well as non-US applications.


Sector: IoT

Geography: Poland

SENSE Software produces the most innovative temperature screening software application that is used all around the globe. We solve all the major problems of the thermal screening industry and provide very accurate temperature screening reading. We have already built extensive barriers of entry by partnering with the biggest thermal imaging manufacturer in the industry (over 60% of market share).


Sector: Biotechnology

Geography: Sweden

Omnious develops a technology that will revolutionize the next generation of diagnostics, drug development and life-science research by enabling the mapping of cells in tissue and organs. This leap will have a similar impact to when we first mapped the human genome, now we will map the whole human body to unlock the secrets of life.


Sector: Robotics

Geography: Poland

Car Scanner provides a versatile hospital robot that calls Medibot for remote treatment of patients during a pandemic. Medibot helps medical staff not getting infected during personal contact with COVID-19 patients. The robot that is controlled by a doctor can measure the basic health parameters of a patient like body temperature, blood saturation, blood pressure and others.


Sector: Digital Healthcare

Geography: Singapore

Healthzilla empowers innovative companies with access to data, insights & intelligence to drive the healthy habits of their customers/employees. We steer people onto personal Healthy Habits by utilizing their health &wellness data and our proprietary A.I. deep technology & mobile app. Our business model is scalable and the business case for our "Healthy-habits-as-a-service" business is solid.


Sector: Chemical

Geography: Poland

Insignes Labs develops antimicrobial additives to protect a wide range of materials from microorganisms like bacteria, algae, fungi, molds and viruses. Our company provides a cost-effective and long-lasting smart solution for a wide variety of products by extending the service life of modified products. The applications of our technology are versatile and proven effective in plastics, paints, coatings, resins, latex and nitrile films. Our additive can be also applied to plant protection products.


Sector: Digital Healthcare

Geography: Pakistan

XpertFlow is a disease prognostics company assisting health care professionals to make timely decisions for a patient. Our solution is an AI-powered decision support system that works off a robust proprietary algorithm. It offers many hours looking ahead into a patient's health and therefore potentially saving lives.


Sector: Smart Building

Geography: Canada

Weavair, a Safety-as-a-Service company, provides a multi-sensor IoT device network predictive software solution, that uses advanced algorithms to predict and prevent contamination and diagnose the source before it becomes serious. By continuously monitoring ventilation systems and integrating with building control systems and maintenance services, WeavAir is able to ensure continuous clean air standards, maintenance, operations and energy cost savings, ranging from 20-60%. Unlike other technologies, WeavAir provides high time and spatial resolution monitoring of 20 different factors at 95% accuracy.


Sector: Risk Management

Geography: Singapore

Brain Pool Tech provides solutions for fleet management, crowd control and logistics optimization in large spaces. We are at the forefront of deep technology utilizing drone mapping techniques integrated with IoT, AI, and real-time tracking in order to create seamless digitization for the sports industry, real estate, construction and disaster mitigation. We help to visualize and optimize your operations to create a seamless experience for your end-user experience.


Sector: Digital Healthcare

Geography: Belarus

Personal Environmental history for Improve Life Quality by Digital Health Record. We use data from indoor and outdoor environmental sensors and health trackers to evaluate personal environmental disease risks and add this information to Digital Health Record.


Sector: Digital Healthcare

Geography: Singapore

XCLR8 Technologies develops wearable sensors and applications called “Rebee” that accelerate physical rehabilitation by enabling patients to conduct rehabilitation exercises under remote monitoring through therapists and doctors -anywhere and anytime.


Sector: Biotechnology

Geography: Thailand

Innovation Dissolvable microneedle technology that can solve pain points of the industry which are:

    1) Long patching time (2 – 12 h)

    2) Unreliable dosage

    3) Skin damage

The platform can apply to both cosmetic and pharma products.

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