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The decision to pursue and accept VC funding is a serious commitment, it means sacrificing a level of control over how you run your business.  Accepting funds from the wrong VC may end up impeding your growth even if they provide you with access to financial and other resources. 


If you are interested in pursuing investment opportunities from the VCs, please join our Live conversation on 4 March 2021 from 14.00 - 16.00 to hear from our special guests to get a better understanding of the VC investment process before taking on an investment. 


Our guest speakers

K. Pun Jaruthassanakul.jpg

Pun Jaruthassanakul is a Senior Investment Manager at 500 TukTuks, an early-stage VC fund investing across Thailand and Southeast Asia. Pun has been with 500 TukTuks since 2018, helping to lead several investment deals as well as supporting portfolio companies to raise their subsequent Series A and B rounds. Pun's expertise lies in strategic planning, fundraising, finance, and management of early-stage companies. 

Nat Headshot 2020 unprocessed_200910_18[

Nat Wittayatanaseth is an Associate at Monk's Hill Ventures. Previously, she led fintech investments at Beacon Venture Capital, a corporate venture arm of Kasikornbank in Thailand. Her experience spans across capital markets, central banking, and fintech & blockchain investments in Thailand and San Francisco.

Agenda and Registration

This webinar will be arranged on 4th March 2021 during 14.00 - 16.00 hrs.


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