One of the most important reasons behind the success of many entrepreneurs is having the right "mentor".  Mentors are experienced individuals who provide advices and support the entrepreneurs in dealing with challenges throughout their entrepreneurial journey.  

In this mentor's tips, we features stories of mentors from Expara's network. As they kindly share their advices that led to significant changes for the entrepreneurs, we could reflect on & learn from them too. 
Our mentors' tips this week
Our mentor's tip for this week features the story from Michelle Yip, a mentor with experiences in corporate restructuring, as well as business owner in F&B segment. Based on her mentorship for companies of companies in Space F Batch 1, Michelle urged her mentees to focus on social media presence and having a strong core team. 
Read on the full reflection from Michell Yip to discover the rationales behind the recommendations and her advices for entrepreneurs during the unprecedented times. 
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