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Enabling creative ideas to support  recovery and value creation in core industries of Thailand 

The Better New Normal Innovation Challenge applies crowd-sourcing innovation to support creative ideas and opportunity identification. The program accepts product and business ideas from idea stage to businesses that are already in operations to support recovery and new value creation in core industry of Thailand. The top three winners will have a chance to pitch for THB 10 m. investment. 

Innovation Challenges covering three themes


The committee will screen the solution in terms of creativity, value proposition and potential for execution to invite the finalists to present their solutions to the selection committee. 

Final Round

Finalists will present the solution to the selection committees (On-line) to find the winning teams to participate in the 6 month intensive training program by Expara. Top three teams will have a chance to pitch for THB 10 m investment with Expara (Thailand) and network with investors during the demo day. 

Overview of the 6 week intensive training program


1. To support entrepreneurs to reach their potential through Expara's flagship program and provide a path to fund raising. Entrepreneurs may choose one of the following programs. 

1.1 Idea to Investment  

1.2 Business Model &Financial Plans

1.3 Venture Capital Deals 

1.4 Valuing Start-ups


2. To provide networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and network of investors and mentors.  

Program delivery (On-line)

Week 1  Program Kick-off - Set your goals & choose the right program for the stage of your business.  

Week 2 Meet your mentor 1 - Get to know your mentor who would provide curated guidance throughout the 6 week training. 

Week 3 Meet your mentor 2 - Report your progress & agree on the next step. Join live discussion for your course in Expara Academy. 

Week 4 Specialized workshop designed for the group by specialists from Expara network

Week 5 Meet your mentor 3 -  Report your progress & join Virtual networking with entrepreneurs and specialists from Expara network  

Week 6 Closing Demo day presentation to investors

INNOVATION 620x375.jpg

Reaching out to all entrepreneurs to share your creative ideas in any stage of development to support the recovery effort of the tourism  or to create new business opportunities. Please submit your ideas before 3rd Nov. 20. Top three teams will have receive curated mentorship for a path to raise fund and a chance to pitch for THB 10 m investment. 

How to participate: 

  1. Registered Thai Companies & Thai nationals of all ages are welcome.

Submission requirement: 

​   1. Powerpoint Presentation Maximum 5 slides

   2. Submit through here , or email to 

Process & outcomes: 

   1. Top teams with the best ideas will be announced on 9.11.20 

   2. Pitching Day on 11.11.20.

   3. Announcement of winners on 14.11.20

Each winning team will receive 

   1. 6-week intensive training through Expara Academy worth THB 120,000.- for FREE

   2. Curated Mentorship 

   3. Networking opportunities with investors, mentors & entrepreneurs in our network

Be part of our communities for opportunities to pitch to leading VCs in Thailand.



For more information, please email us at
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