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The investor-founder relationship is comparable to a marriage, some more so than others.  Getting funds from the right partner, having an understanding of the assistance they can provide, and learning to spot who is not right for you is key.


Join us in the final webinar in the Working with Investor webinar series on

1 April 2021 from 14.00 - 16.00. Engage in live conversation with our special guests to have your questions answered and learn about the red flags you should be wary of when negotiating with investors. 

Startup - Investor Relationship


This webinar session covers three key points

  • Execution part of the investment process

  • What can investors do to get startup to the next milestones? 

  • Red flags to avoid when negotiating with investors

Our Guest Speakers

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Prempreedee Kitirattrakarn 

Prempreedee Kitirattrakarn is running PTT’s CVC  He has extensive experience in business development, cross-border M&A, and venture investment in clean tech space.

He has a passion for impact investing and simplifying complicated problems projects.


Stamp Suksantiswad 

Stamp Suksantiswad  is a Senior Associate at Creative Ventures, an early-stage Silicon Valley Deep Tech VC solving the world's biggest problems in the non-internet sector. He leads team operations and is also actively looking into the food services and logistic automation sector. He is an experienced professional who has been an active part of the  startup industry since 2013.

Agenda & Registration

The event is scheduled on  1st April 2021 at 14.00 - 16.00 hrs.

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