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The SET Webinar series on "Common issues in early stage fund raising" presents a deep-dive discussion with Douglas Abrams, Founder and CEO of Expara on "Striking a win-win deal with CVCs" 

Join the Webinar session for "Free" on 17 March 2021 from 18.00 - 19.30 to understand the approach of CVCs when engaging entrepreneurs in the partnership and investment process, specific terms and conditions to bear in mind when striking a deal with CVCs.  

This training forms part of Youth Business International's the Rapid Response & Recovery Program, supported by

Striking a win-win deal with CVCs


VC and CVC funding, while sounding alike, is totally different. With CVC funding, start-up will be experiencing different types of terms, expectations and ways of working with CVCs.


To better understand the typical CVC deals term, join us in the 4th webinar in the series on 17th March 2021 from 18.00 - 19.30 as Dougals Abrams highlight important factors to consider in striking a win-win deal with CVCs. 


Course Content & Benefits for Participants

The course aims to address three key aspects of establishing relationship with CVCs as follows: 

  • Why is CVC harder than a regular VC? 

  • Typical pitfalls in CVC investment

  • Securing good CVC deals

Agenda & Registration

Date & Time


The event was held on 17 March 2021 from 18.00 - 19.30 hrs via Zoom Webinar.



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