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Expara VirTech Global Accelerator

Tech solutions for a post-pandemic world

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Expara, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, has launched a 3-month acceleration programme, Expara VirTech Global Accelerator, which is dedicated to entrepreneurs and startups who are developing products and services to help address the pain, problems and economic and societal disruption caused by COVID-19 and potential future pandemics. Some of the potential areas include:

  • DETECTION: new and improved ways to detect viruses

  • INFORMATION: new tools to help share information about pandemics 

  • PREVENTION & PROTECTION: solutions to help protect people from infection and slow the spread of the virus in communities

  • MITIGATION: solutions improving the life quality and work efficiency during and after global pandemics


The Accelerator consists of workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Via our global network, we provide start-ups with access to potential investors, business partners and customers.  



  • Access to Expara Academy courses

  • Developing a business plan

  • Product/market fit              

  • Building a financial model  

  • Financing and fundraising  



  • One-on-one mentorship for each start-up 

  • Experienced industry mentors

  • Focus on making YOUR start-up better


Global Network

  • Access a network built over two decades of start-up investing

  • Connect with world-leading investors and global companies



  • Receive up to $50.000 from our dedicated fund

  • Raise additional funding from our partner investors during the programme and Demo Day

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  1. Gheorg - Mental Health - Australia

  2. Facense - Wearable - Israel

  3. Car Scanner - Robotics - Poland

  4. XCLR8 Technologies - Digital Healthcare - Singapore

  5. SENSE Software - IoT - Poland

  6. Adappt Intelligence - IoT - India

  7. XpertFlow - Digital Healthcare - Pakistan

  8. SCUDO - Risk Management - USA

  9. Healthzilla - Digital Healthcare - Singapore

  10. Insignes Labs - Chemical - Poland

  11. DjinnService - Digital Healthcare - Belarus

  12. Omnious - Diagnostics - Sweden

  13. MiNeed Technology - Biotechnology - Thailand

  14. WeavAir - Smart Building - Canada

  15. Brain Pool Tech - Risk Management - Singapore

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for putting together the Virtech Accelerator program (and please convey my thanks to the rest of the Expara team). It was a truly unique and wonderful experience. I really enjoyed participating in the lessons, along with teams from all over the world; it was really fascinating. Definitely a first for me, but with the COVID-19 aftermath, we will start having many more experiences of this type! I also feel that I learned a lot in Virtech. It was great to understand the logic behind VC investments (get the inside "scoop") and to learn how to present ourselves much more professionally (business plan, pitch, etc.). I feel much more prepared and better equipped to face our next business challenges! Douglas, I also really enjoyed the way you taught your lessons and managed to convey to us some of the hard truths of VC investment in such a cordial way.

Ari Frank, Facense

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We gathered more than 120 Supporting Partners from Asia, Europe, North America and South America, who help us source start-ups, as well as mentor and support them with their knowledge, experience, network and funding.


We are inviting VC and Angel Investors, Industry and Corporate, Accelerators and Incubators, Media and Individuals who would like to contribute to the Expara VirTech Global Accelerator.



Become a mentor to our participating start-ups 


Promoting and marketing the programme to the global entrepreneurial community to source the highest quality start-ups


Provide in-kind sponsorship of products and services that would be useful for the programme or the start-ups


Provide domain expertise and datasets to facilitate product validation and go-to-market process

Leading Venture Creation in Southeast Asia

Expara is Singapore's pioneer and leader in early-stage venture capital and venture services, as well as an experienced provider of acceleration, incubation, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship to start-ups from all around the world.  The company is headquartered in Singapore with offices and presence in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Poland.

  • 20 years of experience in acceleration and incubation

  • 150 companies benefited from our programs

  • 8000 entrepreneurs mentored and trained

  • 5 venture capital funds

  • 84 startup investments



Douglas Abrams

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Douglas is a CEO of Expara and Managing Director of Expara Ventures.


Paulina Bialek

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Paulina is a Business Development Director and manages Expara VirTech Global Accelerator. 


Nan Sethjinda

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Nan manages Youth Business International's Rapid Response & Recovery Programme, supported by

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