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  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in March 2020, little did we know the extent of economic impact it would have triggerred. During such unprecedented time, all entrepreneurs need to do whatever they can to support businesses and search for new opportunities. This special page features interviews with entrepreneurs in Thailand. With the focus on sharing experiences during the toughest moment, the stories highlight how ones could also find new opportunities during such times.   
Interviews with Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs' AA_Banner.jpg
"Artificial Anything", a Thai-start up with advanced solutions to detect liquid quality. As Covid 19 struck, the company's major collaboration contract had been canceled. 
Find out how Nutt Thungsap, Founder & CEO of Artificial Anything takes the company through.
Entrepreneurs' PEAK_Banner.jpg
PEAK, the provider of cloud-based easy to use accounting platforms, could not escape the economic disruption of COVID-19.  Since a significant portion of SMEs clients in consulting, advertising and tour operators, Peem Petchged, CEO and Founder of PEAK, had mustered all his strengths to survive the tough times. 
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There is no magic in the entrepreneurial journey. Each step towards achieving the milestones requires perseverance, determination and sweat. Read the full story of Lucas Wright as he shares the reality of the entrepreneurial journey. 
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