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Expara (Thailand) in partnership with Youth Business International's the Rapid Response and Recovery Program, supported by is hosting a webinar series on "Working with Investors" to help entrepreneurs understand the investment process of the main groups of investors in Thailand's start-up ecosystems. This initiative will run from January to April 2021.

By connecting entrepreneurs with experienced investors in the Thai enterprise ecosystem, participants will benefit from experience sharing and interactive Q&A sessions. Throughout this series, entrepreneurs will better understand how to get connected with investors, their investment process and expectation and common pitfalls to avoid in preparing to raise fund. 

Working with the investors 


For early stage start-up, getting the right investors is paramount to getting the business to the next milestones as well as increasing the potential for securing the next round fo funding. With an increasing number of investors in the ecosystem, a thorough understanding of investors' profile and expecation is a crucial step for mapping startup's fund raising strategies. 


To support Thai entrepreneurs in navigating the landscape of investors, Expara (Thailand) with cooperation from investors' networks in Thailand and Southeast Asia, is hosting the "Working with Investors" webinar series from January to April 2021.


The webinar series aims to address  four main topics. 

  • Connecting with the Angels 

  • What do CVCs look for? 

  • Getting to the Right VCs

  • Startup - Investors' Relationship

 Schedule & Arrangement

  • Webinar session via Zoom

  • Registration will open two weeks before the event date

  • Arranged on weekday afternoon with the date, time and series details, provided in the schedule section. 

Schedule for the Series


Our kick-off session features Robert Lomintz and Ivan Yong, who will provide insights into the landscape of Angel networks in Thailand & Singapore. Join us to hear their tips on how to understand investors' expectation, get connected and pitfalls to avoid. 


CVC has been among the active investors in the Thai enterprise eocsystem. With strategic alignments being one of the top priorities for CVCs, their expecttion and investment criteria are unlike those of VCs. The event was arranged on 3rd Feb. 21. 


VC is often mis-perceived as representing one group of investors. In fact, each VC has own focus, strength, character and interest. Find out tips and tricks to know your potential VC from inside-out. The event was held on 4th March 2021.  


In this last session of the series, we highlight key topics, namely the Thai law and filing for execution of the investment deal, and the post investment startup - investors' relationship to help them to the next milestones. Check us out on 1st April 2021.

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